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Introducing Marketing Mastery for Contractors, an online course developed specifically for contractors. This course equips you with the right tools to run succesful marketing campaigns, attract new customers and most importantly grow your business.


What is Included in Marketing Mastery for Contractors?

Once you sign up you will have unlimited access to the 18 lessons covered in the course. The course covers how to properly use online and offline marketing so that you can grow your business .

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Dear Construction Professional

How much money are you wasting every month on advertising? How much money are you pouring down Google and Facebook ads, just because everyone else seems to be doing it?

But you have little information on how effective your advertising spend is. Yes, its true that every time you increase your ad spend you will see an uptick in phone calls and maybe an extra project here and there.

But you also see an uptick in crappy leads. You end up doing projects you had promised yourself that you would never do again.

And yet somehow here you are again, doing the same crap, cause if you don’t complete a minimum number of projects, then you may not be able to cover your expenses at the end of the month.

Before you know you are stuck in a vicious circle. Instead of doing the jobs that you really enjoy doing, you are basically taking on anything that comes your way, so that this months expenses get covered. And next month the same toxic cycle repeats itself, hoping that one day all this will change.

I know what I am telling you as I can totally relate. My epoxy flooring business was stuck in a vicious cycle. Doing shitty jobs with customers I didn’t want to be working with. Saying yes to every lame opportunity that came my way, as I always felt that I just need some extra cash since "I’ve got many expenses this month" !

And somehow I managed to bullshit my way month after month for years on end, before waking up one day and realizing that if I don’t find a more effective way of doing my marketing my business will never change.

I realised that if I don’t make every single penny spent on advertising accountable, I will be falling victim to every ad agency that promises lots of leads. And then you realise that these agencies are selling the exact same advice and ad space to my biggest competitors in my same city… Imagine if every single competitor in your city is using the same marketing tactics, how can you possibly get an edge over them?

By immersing myself into marketing books and doing lots of experimenting, I discovered some amazing things:

There are some really effective ways to reduce your spending on Google and Facebook Ads without forgoing results. Furthermore, by targeting the right propsects, you can effectively eliminate those customers that are only loooking for the lowest price. 

I learnt that instead of going to the trade shows where every single one of your competitors hangs out, go the trade shows where your dream customer will show up

I learnt  that If I don’t figure out for myself how I want my business to look in 6 or 12 months from now, well it won't happen on its own.

Course Outline

This course includes 18 lessons covering the following four modules:

1. Traffic, Leads & The Cost of Acquiring Customers (Know your numbers, know how much you're spending and everything then becomes much easier to reverse engineer)

2. Your Identity as a Contractor. (Or how to formulate a bulletproof USP so that you will always have customers)

3. The Online World - Everything about Google and Facebook ads, how to increase your exposure and engagement in online advertising

4. The Offline World - How to engage with prospective customers including a very special lesson on Trade Shows!

SPECIAL BONUS LESSONS: How to use Google Analytics & How to Retarget to your customers

About the Instructor

My name is Akis Apostolopoulos and I have been involved in running contracting and building materials businesses for over 15 years. All the information presented in this course has been tried, tested, and failed many times. I also run a very successful online course in epoxy flooring with hundreds of satisfied students.

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Today I have the luxury of turning down jobs. I get to walk away from jobs that are not a good fit for my company. If one month is a bit slow I don’t need to worry as I have full faith in my lead generation system. I know that more work will show up.

But the best part is that I have the freedom to take three weeks off in August and another two during Christmas.

I spent the last few years distilling all this knowledge using it to grow my business. Now I have decided to take my knowledge a step further and to create an online course.

Welcome to Marketing Mastery! This course distills all this vast information in four structured learning modules with a total of 18 video lessons.

I will provide you with a list of very simple questions that will help you decide which direction you want your business to go.

But more importantly I will teach how you should be calculating the money you spend on advertising

And even if you continue to outsource your advertising to marketing agencies, you can hold them accountable every time they send you a report that informs you that “clicks increased this month

Maybe its time that they realize that clicks to your website is just another vanity metric that makes us feel good, but it is pretty much worthless information on its own!

In fact as a BONUS lesson to this course I am going to show you how to understand google analytics so that you can track the metrics that really matter. Furthermore I have a 2nd bonus lesson explaining how retargeting works. So once somebody visits your website, you can discreetly show them your ads in other places on the internet.

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