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Introducing The Contractor's Handbook to Digital Marketing an E-book developed specifically for contractors and construction businesses. This 38-page E-book is jam packed with the right tools to run succesful marketing campaigns, attract new customers and most importantly grow your business.

What you will learn in this 38 page E-book

- How to advertise effectively as a contractor on Google, Facebook, Youtube and other channels

- Which ad networks helped my business get high value leads and win large flooring projects

- All the advertising mistakes that cost me thousands of $$$ over the years

- Tips and Tricks you can implement immediately to get better quality inquiries and customers

- The offline advertising methods that are still working in 2021

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Dear Construction Professional

I have been running a contracting company for the last 13 years. And just like most contractors I have struggled to get a consistent stream of good leads and high quality customers. I have spent thousands of $$$ on all types of advertising. I tried a bunch of things. I did Google Search Ads, I tried Google Display Ads. I did Facebook ads, I did YouTube ads. Heck I even tried Linkedin Ads!

I did a lot of experimenting. In the process I grew my company and landed some very BIG customers.

But I also saw what happens if you spend money on the wrong advertising… thousands of $$$ (or Euros in my case) flushed down the drain. You start to feel that internet advertising doesn’t work and its all one big scam.

But this is not the case… You can be really successful with internet advertising. In fact I sat down and distilled all this information in this very special E-book. An E-book written specifically for contractors. For just $9 you can acquire the knowledge that I spent years acquiring. I share with you all the tips to get more exposure in front of the right people.

My top tricks to save money. I go through each advertising channel (Google, FB, Youtube etc) and I explain when it works, and when it does not work

If you apply the wisdom distilled in this E-book, I can assure that you will be getting new and better customers within weeks. In just a few minutes you can have access to all this information! Get the E-book today and change the trajectory of your business!

What is Included in the Handbook?

In this short video, Akis Apostolopoulos, tells you how this e-book can help expand improve and expand your advertising

BUY TODAY for just $37

What our Students said about our Products

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Elvis, Nigeria

"I got my first contract job after doing your online course, and there's more coming soon. You are a boss and a great mentor"

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Ashgar, UAE

I always read and watch your shared articles and videos; they are really amazing and overwhelming. Your experiences are undeniable and helpful for new people in this career as well as experienced ones.I am thankful for what I can learn from you"

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Jonathan, UK

Akis, I'm really grateful for everything you have taught me. By making a few changes to my Google and Facebook ads I was able to double my new inquiries coming in

About the Instructor

My name is Akis Apostolopoulos and I have been involved in running contracting and building materials businesses for over 15 years. All the information presented in this course has been tried, tested, and failed many times. I also run a very successful online course in epoxy flooring with hundreds of satisfied students.

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BUY TODAY for just $37
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