How to lower your cost of advertising on Google Search: Advice for contractors

google search Sep 13, 2020

I speak to many contractors and everyone seems to be complaining about the same thing: Our advertising costs are going up , but the quality of our results are not improving.

It seems that we need to keep spending more and more on ads just to achieve the same results. I understand as I have also encountered these difficulties with Google Search Ads.

If you want to lower your cost of advertising, you need to understand how ad costs are determined. The main factor is this thing called the quality score. I won’t go into much detail here, but there are excellent resources online like this one here that explains how quality score is determined.

I have come up with a few tips for my fellow contractors that should a) help you lower your advertising spend, which b) will lead to an improved quality score, thus c) bringing down your cost per click

1) Don’t always bid to get the No1 spot in search results. Some contractors are always seeking to outbid their competitors so that they...

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