Hiring an Ad Agency for your Internet Advertising

I get it. Us contractors are busy people. We get up early at the crack of dawn and are usually on a project site long before most people are even awake. We are putting out fires left and right while most people are still sipping their morning coffee. You need to deal with customer complaints, chasing late payments, and wondering why the supplies are not being delivered on time.

The last thing on your mind is I wonder how those Facebook Ads are doing this week? Why not just hire an ad agency, pay them a monthly retainer and let them run them? Makes sense doesn’t it?

Well no actually. For starters marketing your business and getting new customers is one of the most important aspects of running your company. If you stop getting customers and landing new projects you eventually run out of work. No work leads to no cash. And without cash you soon struggle to cover expenses at the end of each month. You shouldn’t be trying to delegate your way out of such an important task.


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Google Search or Facebook Ads?

A few months ago I ran a survey asking my subscribers what types of internet advertising they prefer for promoting their business. This group of subscribers are primarily contractors or small businesses offering services in the construction sector.

Unsurprisingly most respondents told me that they were using either Google Search or Facebook Ads. In fact, I have been getting many questions on which one of the two mediums I believe is better.

Really the question you should be asking is not which is better, but which is more suitable for your business!

Let me clarify:

Imagine the person who wants to buy your services. Try to imagine her life. Lets assume that she is thinking about getting her house painted.

If she looks at the wall every day and can’t stand to see the cracked paint, she will very likely go online and do a google search for “paint contractors etc”. She is planning to get the house painted in the upcoming weeks.

But imagine her now in a different state...

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