The Overcontrolling and Micro-managing customer

I have been meaning to write this article for a long time. Every contractor will in his lifetime experience that customer that seems to be micro managing the whole project. The over controlling customer who seems to be obsessed with every little detail. Every time he sees you, he calls you over to point out some random detail to distract you from your work... If you are not available he will find someone else on your team to harass.

The Micro managing customer is not always visible from the start. When you first meet him he tends to be very polite and friendly. He wants to build up good rapport with you so that you take him on as client. When he first starts requesting little things from you shrug it off as just something that's important fo your customer.

But slowly this customer chips away at you, one chisel at a time. He calls you all the time with no respect for weekends or late hours. He will of course, always apologize for calling you and interrupting your day (sometimes he...

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