Why you should never rely on one source of advertising

contractor advertising Jan 27, 2021

January is usually the slowest month of the year for me. The cold weather automatically eliminates many construction related activities. Furthermore no one has started planning for the spring yet, and most companies and home owners are in this post Christmas hangover.

We business owners need to be aware of the down months. Because in such months new revenue is slow but you still need to pay the outstanding balances with your suppliers. You also need to pay your overheads and fixed costs. This is why it is important to be investing in new marketing activities during the down months. You should never be relying on one source to bring you new business.

I see contractors all the time depending on one source. Some of them go to 5 or 6 trade shows a year to get business. This system worked great until COVID shut down all the trade shows

Some contractors do only Facebook ads. This works great until Facebook says you may have violated their policy.

Or some rely on Google ads. This works until 5 more contractors start bidding on the same keyword and the cost of Google advertising explodes.

Some contractors work as subcontractors for one or two major contracting companies. This system works well until the big contractor starts facing payment problems or runs out of big jobs.

Some people are used to just handing out cards and flyers since they have been doing it for the last 20 years. But social distancing has made such marketing techniques much harder.

What am I trying to tell you? Never rely on one source to bring you new business. You need to be flexible and always looking for new ways to get customers. Some good ideas are listed here.