The Best Advertising Methods for Construction businesses

digital marketing facebook ads google search Dec 11, 2020

There are endless ways on how to promote your construction business. In this article I am sharing with you my top 5 list of the best advertising methods for contractors. If you manage to master at least one (or hopefully two!) of the below methods you should be on your way to building a successful construction business.

Google Search Ads - The gold standard of advertising. Someone searches online for a roofer, and ads for roofers come up. They click on your ad, they like your webpage and then they call you. Google Search is great for local contractors, however it's main downside is in some countries (like the US) the cost of advertising is really high. Read this article on how to keep your costs lower

Facebook Ads - In the last years Facebook ads are being embraced by more and more contractors. These ads are great for building up awareness and getting word of mouth to spread in your local market. Combine your ads with some attractive images of your work, and Facebook ads could be a real game changer for your business. Watch this video on how to improve your Facebook ads.

Trade Shows - Despite the recent slowdown of trade shows because of COVID, Trade Shows are an amazing tool to get new business. More on that in tomorrow's email. Look out for Lesson 4.

Referrals - I will never stop telling this to contractors. Do good work, be honest and people will refer you. 50% of the business I got in the past year was from referrals. Acquiring these referrals did not cost me a single penny!

Purchasing Leads - Not exactly an advertising method, but this tool definitely helps new contractors build up a base of steady customers. I have nothing against buying leads, but you are always better off being in control of your own marketing, rather depending on someone else to give you the leads.


So what are your thoughts? Which of the above methods have you tried and what did you experience

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