About Me

Feb 11, 2020

My name is Akis Apostolopoulos. I have been involved in the construction industry over 15 years. I own a coatings manufacturing company in Athens, Greece. In 2015 I started a second online business, training applicators all over the world in the use of epoxy floor coatings.

Through my work, every day I come into contact with many contractors throughout the world. Over the years I am seeing the same pattern repeating itself. Too many contractors are living feast to famine and always seem to be dependent on their next job to survive. Contractors go broke and close up shop, because they went without business for just a few weeks.

When I speak to contractors and ask them how they get new customers, I realise that most are not equipped with the skills to develop a proper arketing strategy. Throwing money at advertising and hoping that it works is common in our industry. Furthermore, many construction professionals entrust their hard earned money to fancy “digital marketing consultants” that are supposed to run their google and Facebook ads. The consultants take a monthly retainer, show them flashy reports with lots of clicks, but do not hold themselves accountable if these clicks ever become customers.

I have successfully grown my two businesses through a combination of offline and online advertising. I have started this website to spread my knowledge and all the secrets that I have learnt over the years.
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